Set up viewneo 4K SignageBox using your smartphone

With viewneo devices you can set up your internet connection without the need of additional hardware (mouse & keypad). 

Your smartphone is really all you'll need. In the following you will find a step by step guide for how to set up your internet connection for your viewneo device the easiest way:

1. After your viewneo device is fully booted but not yet connected to the internet, you should be looking at the following display screen:

2. The viewneo device has opened a so-called hotspot. You'll find the name of your hotspot on the upper right (marked in red). Now, connect your smartphone to your viewneo hotspot.

3. After you've successfully connected your device, you will have to call up the relevant URL. To do so you can either use a QR Code Scanner (scan the QR Code on your screen), or enter the URL directly into your smartphone browser (http://viewneo.stick).

4. After you've entered the URL and after the setup wizard is launched, choose a network, enter your password and confirm. You can also set and adjust rotation and scaling to optimize display settings for best possible results.

You should be viewing the following image on you display screen now:

5. As soon as the connection is successfully established, the system automatically checks for updates. After this process your activation key (code) will be displayed on the screen. To find out about how to activate your device, read here.

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