How to change the language of your viewneo 4K SignageBox

To change the language for your viewneo 4K SignageBox follow the instruction below: 

1. You can get to your player settings by activating the mouse cursor on your remote and moving it to the upper right corner. Clicking once, will make the lock icon appear. Clicking on the lock will switch from your playlist to the settings. (Alternatively you can also press the menu button on your remote and move through the menu using the arrow buttons).

2. Select the menu item SYSTEM 

3. Then, choose SETTINGS 

4. Scroll down until you find "Language & input"

5. Here select "Language" (english is preset here) 

6. Now you can choose and change the language of your viewneo 4K SignageBox


Afterwards you can press the "back" button on your remote to close the settings and go back to your playlist. Alternatively, you can use the mouse curser to go back to your previous playlist. 

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