Setup viewneo 4K SignageBox with remote

The viewneo 4K SignageBox can also be setup by the included remote control. Here you can find an instruction of the remote and its buttons.

There are two ways how to setup viewneo with the remote control:

- By using the help of the mouse cursor: When you use the mouse cursor button you will immediately see a cursor on your screen. You can move this cursor by pushing the navigation buttons (arrow up, down, right or left). When you push the OK button in the middle of the arrow buttons, the cursor on the screen will click. If you want to get rid of the cursor again, just hit the mouse cursor button again.

- By using the navigation buttons: The navigation buttons consist of the four arrow buttons (up, down, right, left) and the OK button and are used to navigate and click through different buttons on the screen. 

Always confirm your settings by pressing the OK button of the remote. 


And this is how you set up your viewneo 4K SignageBox by using the navigation buttons:

1. Click "continue". Therefor press the OK button on your remote to highlight the "continue" button. Afterwards click the OK Button again to continue the set up. 


2. Choose a network by pressing the right arrow button on the remote twice to access the wifi list. 



3. After inserting the password you need to press the back button on the remote to close the keyboard and to go back to the wifi settings. 

4.Afterwards navigate to "Connect" with the arrow buttons to confirm the wifi settings. 

At the end of the setup you will get the activation key to connect your device to your viewneo account.

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