Reset viewneo 4K SigangeBox

To reset the viewneo 4K SignageBox close the player-app and go back to the settings menu.

You can do so by connecting an USB mouse to the viewneo 4K SignageBox, then make a click somewhere on the screen so that the lock icon will appear. If you click it you will be in the first overview of the menu.

You can also use the remote control an push the menu button to go there.

Then choose "Settings" and there "Backup & reset". Go to "Personal Data" -> Factory data reset.

Set the checkmark at "delete SD card" and confirm twice. The stick will restart and reset all settings. Afterwards the viewneo setup will start automatically again.

1. Close viewneo app

2. Go to settings

3. Select "Backup & reset"

4. Select "Factory data reset"

5. Select "Erase SD Card" & "Reset device"

6. Choose "Erase everything"

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