Viewneo 4K SignageBox – Remote Control

The viewneo 4K SignageBox remote control lets you set up and manage your device comfortably without any additional tools, such as a mouse or a keyboard. The remote uses infrared and should always be pointed directly at your device.

You can find a drawing and an explanation of the remote and its buttons below:

  1. Power Button
    You can turn your device on and off by using the power button. If you want your screen to turn off automatically at night, we suggest you use our DisplayTimer function.

  2. Home Button
    The home button resets the viewneo player app. The screen will turn black for a moment and then the viewneo player app will start back up again.

  3. Mouse Cursor Button
    When you use the mouse cursor button you will immediately see a cursor on your screen. You can move this cursor by pushing the navigation buttons (arrow up, down, right or left). When you push the OK button in the middle of the arrow buttons, the cursor on the screen will click. If you want to get rid of the cursor again, just hit the mouse cursor button again.

  4. Navigation Buttons
    The navigation buttons consist of the four arrow buttons (up, down, right, left) and the OK button and are used to navigate and click through different buttons on the screen. When using the mouse cursor mode, you can use the arrow buttons to move the cursor across the screen. To perform an action, you always hit the OK button.

  5. Menu Button
    To get back to the main menu of your player, just push the menu button and whatever is currently playing in the viewneo player app will be stopped. Hit the button once and you will get to the main menu right away, or you’ll be asked to enter your chosen PIN first.

  6. Back Button
    The back button lets you get back to the previous window.

Volume Button: These buttons can be used, but the device will always automatically use the volume that is set in.

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