How can I set up the date & time manually?

If the viewneo signage stick is connected to the network it will set time and date automatically. If you like to use the viewneo signage stick offline afterwards you have to set the time and date for your device manually by yourself. Otherwise it could happen that your defined times for the display timer will not work correctly. 

IMPORTANT: After disconnecting the signage stick from power one you need to set the date and time again for the signage stick.

Here we explain how to manually set time and date step for step: 

  1. Connect an USB mouse to your viewneo signage stick and open the viewneo player menu by clicking anywhere on the screen and then on the lock symbol at the upper right corner. 

  2. When you're in the menu choose SYSTEM and then SETTINGS. 

  3. Afterwards scroll down at the left side until you see Date & Time. Here you can set date, time and time zone for your location.

Finally you need to restart your viewneo player. Every content with time schedules should now be played correctly. 

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