Use viewneo Player App in "Single App Mode"

To protect your chrome OS device for unauthorized access you can start it by using the "Single App Mode".

Follow these steps for the installation:

  1. If you already logged in with your Google account you need to reset the device first.
  2. After resetting the device, setup the the network connection. Afterwards you should see the registration on your screen.
  3. Press the key combination Strg + Alt + before you start to type in your log in data. Now please confirm the activation of the kiosk mode. After that you can log in with your google account as usual.
  4. Sign in to your google chrome device.
  5. Open a new tab in chrome and type in chrome://extensions
  6. Check the box next to Developer Mode.
  7. Click Manage kiosk applications
  8. In the "Add kiosk application" box, enter the ID of the viewneo app: kkgbonmnpindcgoiepnegnffhcgegdgk
  9. Click Add
  10. Move your mouse cursor over the application and activate the automatic start of the application and click Done
  11. Now sign off your account. You should be asked to confirm the automatic start of the viewneo Player App.

NOTE: This feature is available only for Chrome OS devices.

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