Enable Live Ticker

Important: To use the live ticker, you have to buy the Plugin from our viewneo Shop first.

With the live ticker Plugin you are able to display own message or display messages from an RSS feed. The device can display the live ticker at the top or the bottom of the display. You can assign the live ticker to your device group and all devices within this device group will then display the live ticker.

Follow these steps to activate the live ticker for your device group. 

  • Choose your device group and switch to the "Live Ticker" tab.
  • Choose "Live Ticker ON".
  • Now you can define the position, the background color and the foreground color for your live ticker.
  • At last you can fill you live ticker with some own text and/or define a RSS/XML feed as an url. If you are defining both, your own text appear at the beginning of the live ticker.group_liveticker_3.jpg

Submit your live ticker configuration by clicking on the "Save" button.

Note: Currently there is no preview available for the RSS feed.

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