Editing Objects

  • In the sidebar you can make several settings for your elements. 
  • Use your mouse to place objects directly in your workspace or change their position (x and y) in the sidebar. If both coordinates equal 0, the object will be placed in the upper left corner.

  • You can change the size of your object by dragging its anchor points or edit the length and width in the sidebar.

  • Rotate your objects with the corresponding anchor key or enter a number under "Rotation" in the sidebar. The original orientation is horizontal (0°) and it rotates to the right.

  • To animate an object, select it from the object list. In the drop-down menu under "Animation" in the sidebar you can choose a animation style. Now you can decide how often the animation will be displayed, after how many seconds it should start and how long the animation should last.

  • In the settings for frames you can round the corners of a shape. If you round by half of its side length, you can generate a circle.
  • You can align your objects with a grid by pressing down the Alt key.
  • To move your template on your workspace, hold down the spacebar. This is helpful to enlarge details.

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