How does the kiosk mode work?

After activating the kiosk mode in your iPad settings (Article: Can I protect my device from unauthorized access?), open the viewneo Signage Player app. You can enter the kiosk mode menu by tapping the home button three times. Here you can manage the settings for your current session. You have three main functions:

  • Hardware buttons
  • Touch
  • Access time

Hardware buttons

You are able to deactivate the hardware buttons like the on/off switch and volume switches. If you are playing content with sound, this is where you can prevent people from making adjustments to the volume.   You can also prevent others from setting the iPad to sleep mode or switching it off. This is done by deactivating the on/off switch. The "off" mode means that the hardware buttons are not active and will not react if being used after activating "Guided Access".



Depending on the situation and intention of use, you can activate or deactivate the touch-function. If you want to use viewneo only for playing content, you can switch the touch function off. If you wish to enable your customers and visitors to engage with viewneo to surf on your website, you should activate this function.


Access time

When you open the "Guided Access" settings you will need to input a PIN, if you previously set one up.  If you enter the incorrect pin, you can only reenter the PIN after ten seconds have passed. You can change the amount of time between PIN attempts with the function "Access time".

After finishing adjustments to all settings, tap "Start" in the upper right corner. viewneo will now run in "Guided Access" kiosk mode.

If a deactivated hardware button is used, a note will appear on the upper side of the screen notifying that guided access is activated. Tap the home button three times to exit and enter the PIN (if set).

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