How to set up your viewneo device

1. Connecting Hardware

  • Connect your viewneo Stick or viewneo 4K SignageBox to the screen via HDMI and switch the signal source on your screen to HDMI. For further details, please consult the manual of your TV device.

2. Connecting to Power Supply

  • Connect your device, stick or 4K SignageBox to the power supply provided. The device will start automatically and display the viewneo home screen pretty soon.

Important for you: The viewneo players should always be connected to an outlet via the power adapter provided. Since most of the USB ports don't provide sufficient power supply.

Figure: viewneo App Home Screen

3. Setting Up The Network Connection

There has to be an active internet connection to register your viewneo device. For the setup, there are basically two options 

4. Register Your Device in The Content Management System

  • Finally you will see a code being displayed on the screen. Enter this code into your user account on by adding a new device.
  • After successfully connecting to your viewneo user account, your content is downloaded onto your player. As soon as the download has finished, the viewneo stick or 4K SignageBox will be able to transmit all content to your screen and thus display your playlists. If you're connecting your first device, a standard playlist will be downloaded.
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