Manually install an update for the viewneo Player App


To install a manual update of the viewneo Player App for Android download the .apk file from here and copy a to a USB flash drive. After this follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the player menu, click on the left mouse button on viewneo logo and hold until developer menu is showing.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_1.png
  1. Choose Apps-Tab.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_2.png
  1. Open Amaze File Managerviewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_3.png
  1. Click on the pathviewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_4.png  
  2. And choose MNT directory.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_5.png
  1. Scroll down and click on the “usb_storage” to open the directory to usb stickviewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_6.png
  2. Navigate to the directory where is your .apk file and click on the file.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_7.png
  3. Click on “INSTALL”.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_8.png
  1. Confirm the installation of the app.viewneo_player_update_4ksignagebox_9.png


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