Zapier: Use finished zaps in viewneo

With the viewneo Zapier integration, you can connect viewneo with 750+ apps and automate your digital signage content. This article will walk you through the process of creating your own Zaps. 

Additionally, you can access your finished zaps from your viewneo account. We'll show you how it works by zapping Google Calendar and viewneo:


Change the playlist when a new event in Google Calendar is coming up.

Important: To link Zapier with viewneo, you need a free Zapier account.


1. In viewneo, click on the puzzle icon at the bottom left of the screen


2. Click on "Use it" located under the Zapier plugin


3. Then select the above zap between viewneo and the Google Calendar by clicking on "Use this Zap". Take a look around and see if there are other Zaps that you are interested in using. The process is identical, so once you know how to set it up once, you are good to go. 


4. Now a new window will open and you will be redirected to Zapier. At this point, go back to "Create this Zap" to continue. If you are not logged in, you will first be asked to log in.

5. Now you define the trigger that your playlist should react to later. In this case, the trigger fires 15 minutes before an event starts in your Google Calendar.


6. Since you are using Google to complete this Zap, you will need to link to your Google Account.  Confirm the prompt and continue with "Save and Continue" on the lower right.


7. You will then be asked to select a calendar for which the trigger should be set. If an event is created in the selected calendar in the future, your viewneo playlist will change 15 minutes before the calendar event. 

Click on "Continue". Here you will get an overview of your trigger again and jump with "Fetch and Continue" to viewneo.




8. Now you define the Action [Action] - in our example a playlist change - when the previously defined trigger "Event starts in 15 minutes" arrives. Go to "Continue".

9. You will now be asked to link Zapier to your viewneo account. Go to "Connect Account", log in to viewneo and confirm the authorization request from Zapier.


10. Now you can select the playlist to be displayed when the previously defined trigger arrives. Furthermore, the desired device group must be defined. This means that you can set all of your devices to respond to the trigger or only one. Finally, click on "Create and Continue".


11. One last test runs, to determine if everything is set correctly. Then you can click on "Finish" and set your zap to "ON". Your playlist will change automatically, depending on the triggers you set.

 In the future, more and more finished zaps will be added to viewneo. If you have ideas on additional integrations, please let us know :-)!


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