How can I use the news provided by viewneo?

Within your media database, you'll find various news feeds that you can embed directly into your playlist. You can find them in the "news" of viewneo folder (public folders are accessible to all viewneo users and marked with a yellow star).
In order to use one or more news feeds, you need to copy them from the public folder of viewneo and paste them into your media database or directly click on "use". You can get to both options by right-clicking with your mouse.  
You can also drag a news feed directly from the folder into your playlist. When you do this you will receive a pop-up asking if you want to copy this content into your media database. By clicking on "OK" you can then select the storage location in your media database.

By clicking on "save" this news feed will be saved directly in the selected folder as well as in the playlist. Since this news feed is editable, like a slide or template, a separate folder for each feed will be created. The folder is always named after the name of the respective feed + "(Attachments)".

If you want to edit the feed you can right-click and then select "edit". 

Doing this will open the same editor as when you create and edit slides and templates. Here you are able to set the individual settings of your news feed. 
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