How do I use the free slides provided by viewneo?

You can find ready to use free slides within our CMS (Content Management System) in the folder "Free Content". To use this content, copy it and past it to your chosen folder. Or just right click on it and choose "use it"
A new window will open up where you can save it to your media library and edit it with your individual information. Now it's ready to be used in your playlists.
You can also drag and drop it directly into your playlist. You'll get a notification from viewneo asking if you would like to use this slide. By confirming with "OK" you can choose a folder in your media library to save the slide. Now the slide is saved in your media library and as well as your playlist. 
Afterwards you can edit the slide as you're used to by making a right click on the slide - either in the playlist or the media library - and choose "edit".
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