viewneo with Zapier

With viewneo Zapier integration, you can connect viewneo with over 750 apps and automate your digital signage content. Google Calender, WordPress, WooComerce, or Salesforce - are just some of the apps that you can link with viewneo and transfer desired content to your screens.

The links between different apps are called Zaps. To create a Zap, you need to choose at least one trigger and one associated action between two or more of the apps.  

For example, you can automatically adjust your viewneo playlist, depending on the Zapier weather forecast. This is how the process would look: 

"If rain is predicted today, then switch to the playlist "umbrella offers"

Below is a step by step guide on how to set up a Zap like this: 

Step 1

Create your free Zapier account. 


Step 2

Confirm the link you receive by email from Zapier.  

Step 3

Ok, now you are ready to create your first zap for viewneo. Click "Make a Zap" at the top right.


Step 4

Under "Choose a trigger App", look for "Weather by Zapier" and select it.


Step 5

Now you need to define the trigger which your playlist will react to. Select the trigger "Will it rain today?". Then go to "Save & Continue".


Step 6

Now select the location you want to use for your weather data. You will need the latitude and longitude for this. These are available under the small, blue marked link "here". Enter your desired city, copy the displayed values and paste it into Zapier.


Step 7

Confirm your entries and have them reviewed by zapier. If everything checks out with your trigger, the system will let you know.


Step 8

Now you will need to define the action - in our example a playlist change - when the predefined "rain prediction" trigger arrives. Then search for the viewneo app. 


Step 9

You will now see all available options for the trigger. For our example, select "Change Playlist" and click on "next".


Step 10

You will now be asked to link Zapier to your viewneo account. Go to "Connect Account", log in to viewneo and confirm the authorization request from Zapier.



Step 11

Now you can select the playlist which will be displayed when rain is forecasted. In our example, our playlist was called "umbrella offers". Finally, click on "Create and Continue". 


Step 12

A final test will run to make sure that the automation is set up correctly and that it is ready to go. Then click "Finish" and set your Zap to "ON". From now on your playlist will react to the current weather.


You can of course influence other elements in viewneo by connecting with zapier. Currently we support the following actions:

  • Change Playlist - Changes the current Playlist of specific device group
  • Change Live Ticker text - Changes the current text of the live ticker of a specific device group
  • Add File - Add a file to a selected Playlist
  • Edit a Text Element - Change a text element of a selected slide
  • Turn Live Ticker On or Off - Turn the live ticker on or off for a selected group

Here you can also find additional information about the integration of Zapier and viewneo, with more examples and ideas on how to take digital signage from easy to effortless. 







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