Nested Playlists: Behavior Settings

Nesting playlists lets you not only schedule when content will be shown, but also determine the behavior of your nested playlists.  

You can click and edit the nested Playlist just like any other content in the parent Playlist. Additionally, you will also find the option, "Behavior".  


Below is an example to better understand some of the functionality of behavioral settings. You start by dragging "Playlist 2" into the parent "Playlist 1".  Now you can set the following options:

  • All of the content in Playlist 2 should be played
  • The content of Playlist 2 are displayed consecutively
  • The content from Playlist 2 is displayed randomly (or shuffled)


The options work as follows:

Play all content (entries)

This is the current default setting.  All of the content in Playlist 2 will play when Playlist 1 reaches Playlist 2 in its run.  




This allows you to set limits on what content from Playlist 2 you would like displayed.  

If you set the entries per iteration, only the first content in Playlist 2 is displayed during the first run through of Playlist 1.  In the second run, the second content of Playlist 2 is displayed.  In the third run, the third content is displayed, and so on until the playlist.  

The same principle applies, if you set the entries per iteration to a higher number.  If for example, you set 3 entries per iteration, the content 1-3 of Playlist 2 is displayed during the first run of Playlist 1.  In the second run of Playlist 1, content 4-6 is shown.  



The random playback works exactly like the continuous one, with the difference being that there is no fixed sequence.  Instead you can set the number of random content from Playlist 2 that you would like to play.  So for example, 1 entry per iteration would indicate that when Playlist 2 is reached, one random content from the Playlist 2 would be displayed.  



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