My viewneo 4K SignageBox does not show my updated playlist

If you have updated your playlist but it's not showing on your device, there are a few different solutions.

  • Missing network connection: If your network connection was cut off, you will need to reconnect your Signage Stick with your Wi-Fi.  You can find additional information on how to complete this process here. You can determine if there has been a network disconnection by checking the heartbeat of your player. It will show you the status of the current connection, when the player was last connected to our server and the last time the content was updated.  
  •  Another playlist is assigned to the device: If another playlist is assigned to the device, it is possible that it has a higher priority and will be shown instead of the playlist you expect.  You can see if this is the issue by checking if the playlist of your device and the device group are the same.  If their settings are different, this maybe the reason why your playlist is not being displayed.    
  • The update interval is too long: You can see if this is the case by checking the setting of your interval update.  It might be the case that you have made changes to your playlist and the player has not yet updated.  You can change settings to allow for a shorter interval, but note that the changes will not take place until the end of the original interval is reached.  However, you can also update your content manually by yourself
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