My Signage Stick does not show my updated playlist

If you updated your playlist but it's not showing on your device this can have different reasons.

  • Missing network connection: Maybe your network connection got cut off and you need to connect your Signage Stick again with your WiFi. Here you can read how to do this. Previously you can check the heartbeat of your player. It shows you the status of the current connection and also the information when the player connected to our server the last time to update the content.


  • An other playlist is assigned to the device then it is to it's higher level device group: maybe you expect an other playlist to be shown than it actually is. Please check if the set playlist of your device and the device group is the same. Maybe there are different settings which could be the reason for the wrong playlist.  
  • The update intervall is too long: check the settings of your update interval. Maybe your changes are made within the interval and the player has not yet updated it. Just set a shorter interval to make sure your content is up-to-date quickly. Note that this change won't be taken until the end of your former update interval. However to speed things up you can also update your content manually by yourself
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