Fluent transition between two images

As we always try to guarantee to highest quality of presentation a short black flashing may occur between the transition of two images. You can prevent this by making the following settings: 

  1. If your device plays up-to-date content go back to the viewneo player app menu  by clicking the locker icon in the upper right corner which shows up after multiple clicking on the screen.player_imageview_wechseln_1.jpg
  2. Select "SYSTEM" and then keep "SETTINGS" clicked till a new window opens up. player_imageview_wechseln_2.jpgplayer_imageview_wechseln_3.jpg
  3. In the new window please switch to "PLAYER" and change from "Picasso" to "Default" at "Play images with". player_imageview_wechseln_4.jpgplayer_imageview_wechseln_5.jpgplayer_imageview_wechseln_6.jpg
  4. Close the window by clicking the "OK" button at the bottom. Afterwards the viewneo player app will restart and your images will be shown without the black transition. player_imageview_wechseln_7.jpg 
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