How can I install additional apps?

To install additional apps on your viewneo Signage Stick 2 you need to download them on your computer first and copy them to an USB stick. Afterwards plug the USB Stick in your viewneo Signage Stick 2. Now you need to open "FileExplorer" on your viewneo Signage Stick 2 to install the app. 

  1. This is how it works: 

    1. If your viewneo Signage Stick 2 plays up-to-date content go back to the viewneo Signage Stick 2 menu clicking the locker icon in the upper right corner which shows up after multiple clicking on the screen.
  2. Select "SYSTEM" and then keep "SETTINGS" clicked till a new window opens up.device_app_install_2.jpgdevice_app_install_3.jpg
  3. In this new window you have to choose "APPS". Here please open "FileExplorer". device_app_install_4.jpgdevice_app_install_5.jpg
  4. One the FileExplorer opened click "USB" and select the Element "USB_DISKO".device_app_install_6.jpg
  5. Next choose the right "udisk" element. This can vary in between different USB sticks. device_app_install_7.jpg
  6. Now select the app you like to install. A new window opens up where you need to choose "INSTALL". After a short time the app should be installed and you can start it. device_app_install_8.jpgdevice_app_install_9.jpgdevice_app_install_10.jpg
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