How to change the resolution with the viewneo Signage Stick 2

To reset your viewneo Signage Stick 2 you can use the system settings.  Just remember that afterwards the viewneo Signage Stick 2 will need to be registered in your account again.

This is how it works: 

  1. If your viewneo Signage Stick 2 plays up-to-date content go back to the viewneo Signage Stick 2 menu by clicking the lock icon in the upper right corner after clicking multiple times on screen. device_resolution_1.jpg
  2. Select "SYSTEM" and then "SETTINGS" at the bottom.device_resolution_2.jpgdevice_resolution_3.jpg
  3. Now you are in the system settings of your viewneo Signage Stick 2. Choose "Display".device_resolution_4.jpg
  4. Next click "HDMI Mode" and select your preferred resolution.device_resolution_5.jpgdevice_resolution_6.jpg
  5. After changing the resolution successfully a new window pops up where you need to confirm your new settings. Therefore click "KEEP".device_resolution_7.jpg
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