How to change your Wi-Fi connection

To change the Wi-Fi of your viewneo Signage Stick 2, you will need to switch to the system settings and connect the viewneo Signage Stick 2 to the new Wi-Fi.  

These easy steps will help guide you through the process::

First connect an USB mouse or an USB keyboard with trackpad to your viewneo Signage Stick.

  1. If your viewneo Signage Stick 2 plays up-to-date content go back to the viewneo Signage Stick 2 menu by clicking on the lock icon in the upper right corner. It will show up after clicking on the screen. change_wifi_1.jpg
  2. Select "SYSTEM" and then "SETTINGS" at the bottom.
  3. change_wifi_2.jpgchange_wifi_3.jpg
  4. Now you are in the system settings of your viewneo Signage Stick 2. Choose Wi-Fi to see all available networks.  change_wifi_4.jpgchange_wifi_5.jpg
  5. Choose your preferred network and type in the password. Afterwards the viewneo Signage Stick 2 will connect to this Wi-Fi and shortly afterwards you should see the information "connected" just below the name in the network list. change_wifi_6.jpg
  6. To go back to the viewneo Signage Stick 2 menu click right with your mouse for so long till you get there. Now click "PLAYER" to start your playlist again. 
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