Add website to template

It's possible to add websites to your templates and resize it as you like. Previously you need to add the website to your media library as usual content. You can find an introduction here.

Please note: Not every website can be used within a template as some of them are restricted by their configurations. You will receive a note if the website you like to add is not usable.

Unfortunately it's not possible yet to display a template with websites on ChromeOS devices or in the Chrome browser App. 

To add a website to your template follow these simple steps:

  1. Click + and choose Media file. 
  2. Within the pop up window you can now select the website which you added to your media library before and add it to your template by double-clicking on it. The pop up window will close and the website will be shown in your template after a very short time of loading. 
    Please note: while editing only the thumbnail of the website will be displayed but you will see the website in the preview.
  3. If you're finished save the template and watch the preview. 
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