Different states (heartbeat)

Your device can have different states while running. These state are displayed inside the CMS. Below you can see description of the different device states:

  1. GREEN: The device data is up to date
    If the device has a green bar, it has the latest device data & it synchronized to the CMS for the defined update interval.
  2. YELLOW: The device data is not up to date anymoredevice_status_2.jpg
    If the device has a yellow bar, you changed something (e.g. Playlist or device configuration). From now the CMS expect, that the devices is syncing for the defined update interval. If it is not syncing, the state will change to red.
  3. RED: The device stops syncing to the server
    If the device shows a red bar, it did not sync for the defined update interval. Furthermore you can see when was the last heartbeat. But the device is able to show content on the screen without syncing to the server.
    Possible reasons: Missing internet connection of the device, server error, the viewneo Player App stops running
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